Word from the Lord through Lindsay Griffiths, 10/01/22


“When I call thee to prayer, at whatever hour of the day or night, call unto Me & I will answer thee, & show thee mighty things by My Word.

“Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith the Lord. Caught in the net of destruction, there are many people to be reached. I make you fishers of men, as I did with My first disciples. My calling, My Great Commission, is the same today – only even more urgent than in My day on the earth.

“Be ready at all times. Be prepared to go to the ends of the earth, in the spirit or on-line. The fields are white unto harvest, but still, even in these days, the labourers are few.

“Yet, the creative power of the Holy Ghost moveth upon the waters. Remember, thou & David saw Me on the Sea of Galilee all those years ago? You still have that picture. Awesome times have followed, as I designed. You have been refined & tempered in the fires of testing & affliction & have come forth already as gold. Your children, Matthew & John, are called of Me too. You have brought them up to know Me. Pray for them to receive My calling with all their hearts. For, let no man deceive you. Discern through My Spirit indwelling you, the thoughts & motives of every heart.













“There are many false apostles & prophets, some of whom you have encountered & they have done you much harm – but I have brought you safely out of all these snares, & placed you with Me, high above all principalities & powers.

“And now, heed My words in the night about times to come. Liberty is always thine, saith the Lord – for My liberty is in the spirit, not the flesh, & can never be taken away from you. Entangle not in the things of the flesh but move more & more by the spirit as true sons of God, unwavering & setting your faces as flint, as I did all those years ago on earth.

“Minister to the poor in spirit. Read My words of power & might & believe them; for I AM the Lord, I change not. Pray in the students I have sent you, to call them in. Study to show thyselves approved workmen, rightly dividing the word of truth.

“Be wise with My wisdom, concerning all your resources. My storehouse is overflowing in the spirit, & as you seek Me, I will bring to pass all the desires of your hearts.

“‘Delight yourself in the Lord, & He will give you the desires of your heart.’ Pray for every street in Whithorn; for the people here are near to My heart but have been crushed & oppressed over the years. They need to look up, for I am near. Pray for them, for this is your Jerusalem here.

“There are those I am already calling…Pray for them by name...My hand is even now upon them. Restore, as you are doing, ‘Candida Casa’ in this place. Banish freemasonry, strife, gossip & the occult forever. Do not tolerate sin in the camp but purify your dwelling place.

“For many have put the flesh above the spirit & have walked in the low places of the earth. So, cleanse your hearts & your dwelling of all that is not of Me. Have My peace in your hearts & do not strive but do everything unto the Lord & all will be well.

“‘I will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Me.’”